Kikiland is a small cageless cattery outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Our Persian cats share our home (along with my son, JT, a computer programmer, Arrow, a Springer Spaniel and Hex, a young Border Collie). I fell in love with smoke Persians about 5 years ago after seeing some of the beautiful cats online and reading a few very well written articles about the breed and seeing pictures of the development of the Smoke Persians over the past decades. I fell in love with the gorgeous ruffs and the contrasting colors, but what I now most appreciate is the unbelievably wonderful dispositions of these kitties.  They all have different personalities, but are uniformly very, very affectionate.  They do take a bit of time each day to comb and wash faces, but they enjoy the interaction (or at least most of them do, most of the time J). 

It is my goal to breed and show these beautiful cats. I am fortunate to have gotten a great head start and lots of help along the way. We have cats with the following lines in their pedigrees:  

Joleigh, Sunlit, Polcann, Blackice, Palmetto, Belcats, Jovan, JFK Hyecats, Red Sky, Fairy 4 U,  

D’Eden Lover, Settimocielo, Gemmigstal, Kuorii, Blueskyeyes, Tehy, Artemis, Quadpaws, Midas, 

Sicilia, Bar-B,  Hugsalot, Purrinlot, Boberan, Jomaire, Tallysans Ocalicos, Fabuls, Marhei , 

Candirand, Pinkfantasy, Kitty Charm, Suitesue, Dalu, Sheirkahn,  Jolee

Because I am a (human) doctor, I put a lot of emphasis on making sure all the cats and kitties get what I believe to be the best of care. We have enjoyed quite a few successes pulling very premature kitties through. Sometimes this requires tube feeding or bottle feeding, but no matter what, it requires lots of love and attention and my friends and particularly Olive, help me tremendously. All our cats are PKD and FIV/FELV negative. All get vaccinations at 8 and 12 weeks and 4 months. We do everything to keep our kitties very, very healthy.  

We sell kitties with contracts for both pet and show homes. These both give the new owner a health guarantee and assure us here that the kitty will be well taken care of. We have a set of “kitty instructions” for the new owner so that the transition will be as easy as possible.  While we can reserve a kitty at any time with a (nonrefundable) deposit, we prefer not to let kitties go to their new homes before 12 weeks and not before 16 weeks to homes with other cats. When they are a little older, the stress of the transition is much easier for them to deal with. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitty to anyone for any (or no  obvious) reason.  Our cattery is CFA registered.

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