GC, RW LaVita Bella Twistedsis of Kikiland 

- 2 Show Grand -

Regional Winner

20th best cat in championship North Atlantic Region
Best Smoke Cat &
Best Tortie Smoke Cat North Atlantic Region
3rd best cat in championship in smoke/shaded division in CFA 

GC, RW Kikiland's Runway Light

Congratulations to Runway!!!! 
Kikiland's first regional winner and 
3rd best cat in championship in the smoke/shaded division 2010-2011.

And thanks to Cheryl McKay-Dorrell, his new owner,
 for loving him and showing him so well.


In Jeff Janzenís ring where Kikilandís Runway Light  became a grand champion

All three All Breed Champions Granded!!!

Below Cheryl McKay with Runway, Marge Collier with her Cornish Rex and Patty Goff with her Maine Coon (also a smoke!!!)

TICA Judge Pamela Barrett with 
CH Kikiland Dillinger of Arrowlakes at the 2011 Cloverdale show

Felidae e.V. - 07./08.12.2013 / Bremen - Germany

CH Kikiland Folie B of Silverdance
is now Grand European Champion!!!!

6x Best Variety, 
2x Special Award,
1x Honor Award
24x nominated for Best in Show
12x Best in Show and 

Thanks Simone for showing!

CFA Show - Sofia/Bulgaria
8x 1st Place
8x Best Color
5x Best of Breed
5x Best Champion
3x 2nd Best of Breed

2nd Best Longhair Champion - Pam DelaBar
2nd Best Longhair Champion- Elena Chernova

German Catwalk / CFA SHOW
08.4./5. 2012 - Bremen, Germany

2x Best Color
2x Best of Breed
5x 2nd Best of Breed

Guy Andre Pantigny

4th Best Cat Longhair Special
3rd Best Longhair Champion

CFA Show Bremen / Germany
03.26./27. 2011 / 12 months old

2nd Best of Breed
Best Champion

CFA Show Schwerin / Germany
01.21.2012 / 1 year 10 months old

5x 2nd Best of Breed

Thanks to Simone Mader in Germany, her new owner,
 for loving her and showing her so well.

6x 1st Place
6x Best Color
1x 2nd Best of Breed
4x Best of Breed
4x Best Champion 

CFA Show Helsinki / Finland
03.12./13. 2011 / 11 months

CH Kikiland Folie B of Silverdance is now
also an International Champion in Europe and won 
multiple Best Variety, Best in Show and Best of Best.

CFA-Show Oerbaek/Denmark
12.5.2010 / 8 months old

Kikiland Folie B of Silverdance
 is now CFA Champion!!!

Dagny Dickens (AB)

Best color
Best of Breed

Damn Yankees Cat Club
Groton, CT - USA 
09.11./12. 2010 / 5 months old

3x 2nd Best of Breed
3 x Best of Breed

10th Best Kitten

Folie B with the new owner Simone Mader from Germany.

Kikiland's Piper (black-smoke)
Marissa Numerosi, 6, holds "Piper", 
her 4-month old smoke Persian kitten 
during her first visit to a cat show at this year's 
New Hampshire Feline Fanciers Winter Cat Show, 
held Saturday at Dover Middle School Saturday. 
John Huff/Staff photographer

read more here:
Feline Fanciers show in Dover

Kikiland's Runway with Mr. and Mrs. Freeman in San Antonio, Texas

Cat Shows

Cat Fancier Association

Show on Dec. 6, 08 (02:17)

Anna became a Champion in 2/10

Judge Iris Tanner and Tiny

Kikilandís Barnabus becomes a champion at the Black Diamond Show February 21-22, 09

Dr. Jenny Freeman (owner of Kikilandcats), Natalie, Wendy & Chantal

with Mignonne, Tiny Dancer and Regular Girl


Claire de Luna in action!

Claire de Luna

Moon Rocket

Gemmingstal's Diamond (brother of Grace)

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